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Bring your legacy
systems up to speed

At DevPro, our mission is to help our partners and customers modernize their legacy systems to ensure they meet their growing and everchanging needs.

Scale up your development capabilities

We supply customers with skilled technologists to augment existing teams for large scale modernization projects. You own your project governance — DevPro provides the horsepower.

Accelerate your project deliveries

Leveraging our DevPro boot camp methodology, we supply customers with full-stack developers, DevOps developers, data specialists, and business analysts to enable our partners to supplement their technology personnel to match their needs.

From monolith to microservices


We work to build design systems and component libraries so that our clients have the required tools to provide consistent design and user experience across their products. We assist our partners with their style guides and help develop their design systems.


Our teams build reliable, scalable, and cloud ready APIs with accompanying micro-frontends to provide flexible systems that are open to change.


Software development doesn't end the moment it's in production. We help our partners maintain their applications and streamline their development process.

A different type of consulting services company

DevPro is headquartered in Regina, SK, Canada and the vast majority of our employees are software developers, by design. Our company leadership has extensive background in the software development field, and we chose to create a company specifically for developers. This creates some unique advantages for us as the development field is extremely competitive, with high demand for resources, and a significant shortage of software developers in Canada.

Looking for something new?

Join our team! We’re always hiring talented software developers - whether you like beautiful interfaces, infrastructure, or services.